automatic door systems – this is record!

automatic door systems – this is record!

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record's world of automatic doors

The agta record group is one of the world leaders in automatic door systems. The core product range of record includes all types of sliding doors, telescopic, swing or folding as well as revolving doors. Additionally record offers hygienic and air-tight doors, plus burglar and fire-resistant doors and break-out systems for the use in escape and rescue routes.

record is also proud of its extensive service and maintenance network, which keeps doors running smoothly and reliably all over the world.

automatic door systems – this is record!

Hauptquartier in Fehraltorf agta record ag
Allmendstrasse 24 - CH-8320 Fehraltorf
Tel. +41 44 954 91 91
Fax +41 44 954 92 00
record automatische Türsysteme
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